Key Ingredients for a Successful Relationship

The Worth of Humor


Living with another person and building a future together is not always easy, and life circumstances can devolve into chaos unexpectedly. For couples who are trying to maintain their relationship, unexpected events can cause a strain between them. Embarrassment, fear and horror are all reactions to the unexpected, but reacting with humor can save the day. When one of the partners finds a horrible situation funny, they can lift their significant other up to a level where clear thinking is obtainable.

Living together is a series of compromises, but events can make people regret their choices. If a couple buys a home and chooses to remodel it, there are many things that can go very wrong. Kitchen and bath remodels are particularly wearing on relationships, so humor at this time is important for both of them. Even a laugh, when it is timed just right, can make all the difference they need to keep on going.

When events are overwhelming, finding a kernel of humor in them makes it easier to accept. A vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere can be frightening, but laughing about how friends and family will react to the story later is a good way to help fight the fear. When one partner mentions something like this, it turns fear and aggravation into a funny episode. It overshadows the dark feelings of both, and it can bring them closer together.

There are life events where humor is inappropriate, but many things are easier to face when laughter is part of them. It can take the burden of worry off the couple, and it can help them put the event into its proper dimensions. For those who are experiencing a series of difficulties, humor is a way to struggle through and be able to see the sunshine at the end of the storm.