Key Ingredients for a Successful Relationship

Working Through Tragedy


Life can be difficult on a normal day, yet horrific events can be a time when couples find their relationship strengthening. It can be a time when both of them will need to lean on each other, or it could be a time when rejection of their partnership is what makes it fail. Working through tragedy is never easy, yet a solid relationship may be able to help each person in it to find ways to make it to better days ahead.

Tragic events come in many forms and sizes, and the partners may not even feel the same about them. One person could be completely devastated when they find out they will never be able to have children, yet their spouse could see it as a small stumbling block to starting a family. That person might believe adoption is a good way to get their family going, yet they will need to be compassionate with their partner's depression when the news hits. Each of them may need to receive support as they work through their feelings and begin their future once more.

Accidents and illness are often events that can take a huge toll on a relationship. A partner who has become ill or maimed could feel they are a burden, and they will often need assurance many times as the other person helps care for them. The caretaker will have to make their own adjustments, and the one person they should be able to talk with about it is the person they love. It could turn into a round of depression for one and resentment for the other, but working to alleviate the situation and care for each other can make it easier.

A long term relationship is about supporting a partner through the good times and the bad, and there are times when the bad is simply unthinkable. For those who have made a solid commitment, showing compassion to a partner and receiving support in return is what a great relationship entails.